North American Première of the Niveltex Grid


Niveltex Canada Inc. introduced their latest innovation at a live demonstration in Huntingdon, Quebec. Niveltex is a sophisticated leveling and grading device and represents a new technology for the North American landscaping, road maintenance and construction markets. Not only will the project quality improve, labor savings in the order of 20 times can be achieved over conventional methods.

As was shown during the demonstration, this unique product is not limited to sand or soils. Representatives of public works departments and the Quebec Transport ministry attending the event have been able to see how asphalt repairs too can benefit from use of the Niveltex.

According to Yves St-Hillaire, public works foreman for the City of Sainte-Julie, Quebec: "A compactor, a truck and the Niveltex are all we need to create a true and level asphalt application. We no longer require a paver, only this unit and some EB5 asphalt." The municipality has been involved in the development and trials of Niveltex since 2000.

According to Alain Mallette, Niveltex project manager: "While it can be used with any skidsteer loader or even compact excavator, Niveltex is ideally suited to a small articulated loader like the MultiOne. Lightweight and powerful owing to a 50 hp Yanmar diesel, this machine won't mar or scar lawns, soils or other surfaces when maneuvering. The extendable boom and the quick attach coupler make it fast and easy to change between different attachments. The matching colors between the MultiOne and the Niveltex is pure coincidence."

The company expects to produce 300 units of the Niveltex grid for this summer. These devices are ready to be sold.

Type "Niveltex" on YouTube and you will be able to see a few demos of the earlier version.

Source: Niveltex Canada Inc., (450) 264-0152


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