Rolba Snowblowers
at the Conquest of the Americas


Rolba snowblowers, made by Bucher and distributed by Tenco Machinery, have conquered many users over the last four years.The City of Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been the first user. After a series of test subjected to a range of equipment from many manufacturers, they chose "the right snowblower", the Rolba 1500.

This great success convinced the airports of Winnipeg and Saint-Andrews to follow suit.

The winter of 2007-2008 has been a major turning point for Tenco. In fact, Serco Facilities, in Goose Bay, Labrador, gave Tenco its biggest contract to date, with an order adding up to $3,9 million. Included in the sale were two Rolba 1500, three Rolba 3000, two Vohl DV4000 detachable snowblowers and four International trucks equipped with Tenco deicing equipment.

The Rolba snowblowers impressed the Goose Bay airport operators. "When the first 1500 arrived in Goose Bay, my heavy equipment operators thought I had lost my mind to be purchasing such small machines. At the end of the season dinner, even the old die-hard Norland Duke operators told me how pleased they were with the performance of the 1500 and the 3000," commented Murray Pike, Logistics manager-Operations for Serco Goose Bay.

The performance of the Rolba snowblowers at Goose Bay must have been remarquable because soon after, Gander Airport was buying a Rolba 3000 while the City of St. John's was ordering two Rolba 1500.

Furthermore, Tenco also delivered two Rolba 1500 snowblowers in Argentina. They have been used with success in the Andes last winter.

Clients no longer need to buy monstruous snowblowers using oversized engines for their winter maintenance operations. Rolba snowblowers gave us the chance to rewrite the old saying that "size matters".

Rolba snowblowers, while smaller than most of their competitors, do the work efficiently using high-technology components, right-sized engines, and modern engineering to achieve their nominal capacity in real-world conditions.

Source: Tenco Machinery (CDN) Ltd


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