ROTELLA T Million Miler Haul of Fame Surpasses Fifty Million Miles

Shell Lubricants is proud to announce that the ROTELLA T Million Miler Haul of Fame has reached over 50 000 000 combined miles (80 500 000 km) of long-haul drivers who have used ROTELLA T heavy duty engine oil exclusively in their diesel engines without an engine overhaul. This milestone comes with the addition of its newest Million Miler Haul of Fame member, John Redwood, of Cambridge, Ontario, who has taken his truck past one million miles.

"The Shell ROTELLA T Million Miler Program was conceived many years ago when we heard that a user went over a million miles on ROTELLA T without an engine overhaul", says Mark Reed, director of marketing, Shell Lubricants in Canada. "Forty three drivers and fifty million ROTELLA T miles later, ROTELLA T is real life proof that ROTELLA T is the Genuine Million Mile Oil and is trusted by truckers for long engine life".

Shell Lubricants has inducted more than forty owner-operators or fleet managers into the ROTELLA T Million Miler Haul of Fame since the program's inception in 1992. To become a member of Team ROTELLA T, applicants must prove that their original pistons, liners and rings are still in the engine after 1 million miles with no maintenance undertaken on them.

Source: Shell Lubricants Canada

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