Partenariat entre Rotobec et Hultdins


Rotobec and Hultdins are pleased to announce they have entered into a marketing agreement where both companies will complement each other's core product areas and expertise.

Rotobec will modify its RotoCut saw units to integrate exclusively the Hultdins saw unit technology into them. Starting now with the 34"- 11H model and followed at a later date with the lighter .404 ­ 18H option, all RotoCut units will be powered by the Hultdins saw technology. The RotoCut structure and its hydraulic system will not be affected by the change.

Hultdins will discontinue its TL Grapple line on the North American market to focus on its short log SG Grapples and SuperCut saw unit product lines.

Rotobec is the world leader in log and pulpwood grapples and in heavy duty rotators. Hultdins is the world leader in CTL bunching grapples and in saw unit technology for the logging industry.

Source: Rotobec Inc., Hultdins Inc.


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