Shell LubeVideoCheck Service
Now Offered to Canadian Fleet Market


Until now, the only methods for diagnosing engine trouble was to rely on unpredictable or expensive methods such as driver intuition, oil analysis, or costly engine tear down. Shell Lubricants is now pleased to offer its Shell LubeVideoCheck digital inspection, an affordable and non-invasive way of inspecting all engine components ­ the ultimate tool for preventative maintenance.

Shell LubeVideoCheck, the only service of its kind in Canada, uses a fiber-optic digital camera or videoscope to transmit video images of key engine components, including the cylinderhead, valves, cylinder walls, and piston crown, without dismantling the entire engine. This non-invasive technology is similar to what surgeons use to assess a patient's health ­ and this quality of care is now available for fleet management.

The launch of the Shell LubeVideoCheck is a part of Shell Fleet Management ­ a portfolio of driveline lubricants and innovative preventative maintenance services, including Shell LubeVideoCheck digital inspection.

Source: Shell Canada Products


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