SMOPyC 2008... The Best Figures in All Its History


SMOPyC 2008 again beat its own records for attendance and participation in its 14th edition, with 2014 exhibitors and 101 623 visitors. The Fair continues to climb in the ranking and is now among the major fairs in the world for machinery used in public works, construction and mining.

SMOPyC, the International Public Works, Construction and Mining Fair, was held at the Zaragoza Fair from April 22 to 26. The triennial holding of the event has been very positive as, despite the slowdown in the sector, SMOPyC managed to grow in all areas.

The Technical Innovations Contest awarded prizes in each of the following categories: (1) New Developments in Machinery, (2) Innovations in Component Equipment and Auxiliary Resources and (3) Services for Application to Construction.

In the first category the gold award was for a transport platform for shuttering presented by the company Saltec. The machine consists of a specially designed platform for efficiently and safely transporting shuttering systems between floors, minimizing the use of the tower crane on site. Its main characteristic is that it can be mounted on the ground or be fixed to the concrete structure of the building. The silver prize was awarded to the company Lebrero for its "Economizer" project which incorporates electronic control to the mono-cylindrical compactors, transforming them into eco-efficient machines, as it reduces the emission of greenhouse effect gases and the consumption of fuel. The bronze prize in this first category was for the self-loading caterpillar Mini-dumper HS400 Battery, presented by the company Hinowa, S.p.A. In this case, the innovation also opted for energy efficiency and respect for the environment, as the machine is battery powered with 6 hours autonomy, therefore, it does not emit smoke or toxic gases from diesel combustion and is extremely quiet.

In the second category, the gold prize went to the company Capotex 2000 for an innovative down pipe for aggregates valid for any installation and which does not consume any water or energy. It is made up of a number of identical exchangeable gills connected with each other forming a perfectly closed geometry which opens from below upwards due to the internal pressure of the accumulated material, permitting the material to exit without the air entering. The silver prize was awarded to a prop (EuroProp A3) presented by the company Encofrados Alsina, which epitomizes the productivity of the existing models and improves safety. The bronze prize in this category was obtained by a multi-functional anchoring device, presented by Sistemas de Protección Garben, whose main contribution was the improvement in safety, as well as its rapid, simple installation and its versatility as regards anchoring individual protection equipment, and the anchoring lines for collective protection.

In the third category, there were only two awards. The gold prize went to new software for determining the transfer of loads between slabs during the process for the construction of a building with several floors (the DESCIM Programme). This was presented by Ulma C. y E.S. Coop. The silver prize was awarded to a new cutting technology, consisting of a diamond placed precisely with original technology (DOCTO), presented by the company Aguila Diawerk, S.L.

Additionally, several technical sessions organized by the Asociación Ibérica de Fabricantes y Comerciantes de Transmisiones Oleohidráulicas y Neumáticas (AIFTOP) (Iberian association of manufacturers and dealers in Oil-Hydraulic and pneumatic Transmissions) were presented.

Outstanding among the technical sessions was the session dedicated to "Innovation in Construction", organized by the Ideconsa Chair. Universidad de Zaragoza and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which dealt with the current situation in R&D&i in the sector as well as the technological tendencies in construction machinery and the financing of research business projects in this sector.

Although it entailed a very different line of business, another technical session which attracted numerous participants was the one organized by the Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Cales y Derivados de España (ANCADE) (Spanish National Association of Manufacturers of Lime and its Derivatives) on the "Stabilization of paving with lime, on roads and high speed rail lines", which, among other subjects, dealt with lime and its action on terrain, with examples of work carried out and machinery for stabilization with lime.

The next SMOPyC will take place from April 5 to 9 in 2011.

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