Vermeer Introduces 440-hp Self-Propelled Horizontal Grinder


Vermeer has introduced a new horizontal grinder to its extensive product line. The HG4000TX is a fully self-propelled unit that allows the operator to effectively maneuver around land-clearing, compost or forest-thinning jobsites without the need for additional support equipment. The track undercarriage is equipped with 51 cm double grouser track pads that provide increased flotation in soft ground conditions and access to remote jobsites that tow-behind units cannot reach.

A 440-hp Caterpillar C13 diesel engine features an in-motion, variable-pitch fan that automatically reverses to purge debris from the radiator and engine compartment, reducing radiator blockages.

The patented duplex drum features 8 hammers and 16 cutters, offering optimum cutting performance and simplified maintenance. The reversible hammers and cutter blocks last nearly twice as long as single-sided designs.

Controlled by a microprocessor, the standard hydraulically actuated dry clutch transfers power and torque from the engine to the hammermill. It is designed to control the starting sequence with the push of a button, eliminating the need to bump the clutch. This reduces the amount of operator effort required to initiate the grinding process.

Easy-access screens are engineered with a top-loading design that allows the operator to change screens easily and in less time than is needed for side-loading screen designs. The innovative design of the HG4000TX's anvil secures the anvil in place but allows convenient removal for maintenance or replacement.

The HG4000TX also features the Vermeer-exclusive SmartGrind system that stops and reverses material from feeding into the hammermill when engine rpm drops below an

efficient operating range. This helps increase machine and jobsite productivity by reducing operator effort. The feature reduces wear to vital engine components by constantly monitoring rpm levels. A formed alloy slat and chain feed table is engineered to help improve structural support and extend wear life.

The 4,2m x 1,52 m infeed table features a solid floor design with continuous support of the infeed chain. The conveyor slats are made of impact-resistant materials. Hydraulic over-pressure switches monitor infeed chain and feed roller forward circuits. If pressure becomes too high on the feed roller or infeed chain, the circuit will momentarily reverse and return to forward feed. This self-monitoring system helps prevent infeed functions from stalling.

The Thrown Object Deflector (TOD) is designed to reduce the distance and quantity of thrown material debris and enhance overall jobsite safety. The TOD can be positioned to reduce interference when loading over-length material if jobsite control is maintained.

A 122 cm wide single-discharge V-cleat belt transfers material from the hammermill and screen out and up for discharge. This design provides a smooth, efficient transfer of processed material from the belly of the machine to the load out. Belt speed and system pressure provides the power needed to remove high volumes of material from the machine. The conveyor has a maximum load height of 3 m.

The HG4000TX can be controlled by a multi-function, wireless remote control that allows the operator to control most operating functions from a maximum operating distance of 91 m. This feature can enhance jobsite productivity by allowing the operator to control machine functions from the loader vehicle while performing other functions.

Source: Vermeer Corporation

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