Underhood Compressor for 2008 6.6L DuraMax V8 Diesel


VMAC has just released the latest engine-mounted air compressor system developed for the popular GM 6.6L 2500/3500 truck.

The self-contained VMAC UNDERHOOD, housed almost entirely under the hood of the light-duty diesel, provides more space for tools and equipment required onboard. Beyond space savings, VMAC claims that utilizing the truck's engine and cooling system saves owners significant maintenance costs because the system's major components are integral to the Duramax engine. Aside from bearings and rotors, the air compressor has few moving parts - adding durability to the UNDERHOOD's list of reported qualities.

VMAC maintains that it is the only manufacturer in North America developing UNDERHOOD systems for range of work trucks that includes Ford, GMC, Chevy, Dodge, and Sterling light- and medium-duty.

But the process of delivering 70 cfm air compressors weighing less than 68 kg does not come easy. The 2008 GM 6.6L Duramax is one example of particulate reduction controls that have been placed on vehicles in an effort to reduce emissions. These controls are drastically changing the makeup of the engine, including vacant space for aftermarket equipment like air compressors. Mounted on the driver's side and accessible from above, the air system is easily installed, easily maintained, and an instant source of air for the mobile work truck.

Source: VMAC

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