Retired Western Star Truck is Pride of Refuse Fleet


It's not every day that you see a tricked out refuse truck in a beauty competition - or running through the streets of New York City, for that matter - but for Action Carting Environmental Services, Inc., it's just another day at the office.

A provider of environmentally-friendly solid waste disposal and recycling services, Newark, N.J.-based Action serves all five boroughs of New York City. Action is committed to results, and that is just one of the reasons they rely on tough Western Star® trucks to get the job done.

Being committed to such results not only requires the right equipment, but also dedicated people. Pete Mansueto, body shop manager, joined the Action team nearly four years ago, and maintains the entire Action fleet of approximately 150 trucks, including 24 Western Stars.

For Pete Mansueto, working on Western Star trucks is not only his job, it's his passion. But one Western Star truck in particular seems to get all the attention.

Mr. Mansueto's pride and joy, and the flagship of the Action fleet, is now-retired Truck 214. This 2001 Western Star 4900 FA has garnered approximately 20 trophies at various truck beauty competitions, including the East Coast Truck Show and the 2007 Paul K. Young Memorial Truck Beauty Show.

"This is by far the best truck I've ever worked on and since it was our first, brand new Western Star, it has a lot of sentimental value," Mansueto said. "Western Star trucks are the best trucks out there and I never get bored with them."

Spec'd with spinners, oak wood floors, suede and leather interior, custom embroidery in the door panels and headrests, a multitude of lights, custom louver grill, custom fenders, a 14-inch drop visor and stainless steel accents, Truck 214 is anything but ordinary.

"This truck is loud! It has a 24-inch drop front bumper that almost touches the ground and stacks that reach the sky," Mansueto said. "I was really able to customize this truck while still keeping the classic Western Star look."

Pete Mansueto is responsible for making the trucks look as amazing as they do. All of the Western Stars in the fleet have custom painted fuel tanks, upgraded grills, drop bumpers, polished wheels and drop visors.

"Our trucks are loaded with lights and have chrome to the nine," he said.

"When people see our Western Star trucks on the streets of New York City, they stop, their jaws drop and they take pictures," said Mr.Mansueto. "People don't expect to see those kinds of trucks operating in a city."

Action's dealer, Hudson County Motors, is only a short drive away in Secaucus, N.J.

"Their parts are always well-stocked, they deliver quickly and they provide great service," Pete Mansueto said.

Action has been steadily growing, recently purchasing all the solid waste and recycling assets from the nation's largest hauler, Waste Management. Nearly doubling in size since 2007, Action shows no signs of slowing down - and neither does Mr. Mansueto.

"I am in the process of customizing another chromed-out refuse truck, number 211, that already has two first place trophies," he said.

Source: Western Star Truck Sales, Inc.


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