Hitachi Announces a New 10-Year Lithium Ion Tool Warranty


Hitachi Power Tools recently announced its new 10-Year Lithium Ion Tool warranty. Every Hitachi cordless power tool is designed to the highest standards and is rigorously tested for both performance and durability. Hitachi is proud to offer an exclusive 10-year Lithium Ion tool warranty to the original purchaser on HXP Lithium Ion cordless tools.

This Industry Leading 10-year Lithium Ion tool warranty is retroactive and applies to Lithium Ion tools purchased since their initial launch back in August of 2006. Hitachi customers who purchased applicable Cordless Lithium Ion tools before this 10-year warranty announcement will automatically be covered and are not required to register or re-register their tools.

Tool packaging will undergo a rolling design change to reflect the new 10-Year Warranty. However in the meantime, existing packaging already produced and available for sale in the retail market may still show the 5-Year Warranty on the box. Regardless of the packaging, revised or not, Hitachi is covering all applicable Lithium Ion tools under the new warranty.

Categories of tools that are currently covered under this 10-year warranty include Cordless Lithium Ion Driver Drills, Cordless Lithium Ion Hammer Drills, Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Drivers, Cordless Lithium Ion Impact Wrenches, Cordless Lithium Ion Circular Saws, Cordless Lithium Ion Jig Saws, Cordless Lithium Ion Reciprocating Saws and Cordless Lithium Ion Blowers.

Some exceptions do apply; Cordless Lithium Ion Grinders, Cordless Lithium Ion Rotary Hammers and Cordless Lithium Ion Gas Nailers are covered by Hitachi’s 1-year warranty.

To view the entire warranty online, go to, click on customer service, and then warranty information for complete details.

All HXP Lithium Ion batteries that power Hitachi Lithium Ion tools contain unique circuit protection technology that ensures proper maintenance so they will continue to operate at peak levels at all times. Hitachi is proud to offer an exceptional 2-year HXP Lithium Ion battery warranty to the original purchaser.

Hitachi HXP Lithium Ion cross-compatible chargers feature built-in Cool Air Flow systems to maintain the optimal charging temperature. Hitachi offers a 1-year HXP Lithium Ion charger warranty to the original purchaser.

Source: Hitachi Power Tools

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