Keith V-18 System Provides Strength & Versatility with Aluminum Flooring


Since the introduction of the V-Floor® system five years ago, Keith customers have put the extra-duty unloader to the test. It has been used to unload demolition, scrap, asphalt and many other highly abrasive materials. Building on the success of the V-Floor design, Keith has continued to modify the V-Floor system into an even more versatile, all-purpose unloader. The aluminum V-18 system is ideal for materials that may be too demanding on a standard slat, but do not require the ruggedness of a steel V-Floor slat.

One of the key benefits of the V-Floor concept is the unique design of the system’s sub-deck, which creates a leak-resistant floor without requiring floor seal. This carries over into the lighter-weight, V-18 aluminum slat. Durable and long lasting, the V-18 slats are available in multiple profiles, including an Impact Series for high wear materials and impact applications.

The V-18-unloader provides versatility, opening the V-Floor concept up to many new customers, applications and industries. Due to the superior wear and leak-resistance of the V-Floor slat, the waste industry has been using the original V-Floor system in trailers unloading municipal waste since the system’s introduction. The new V-18 system provides a lighter weight alternative for waste haulers; and is also a good choice for unloading recycled materials, construction debris, wood chips and agricultural commodities.

A walking floor system is a horizontal unloader, eliminating the need for tipping or dumping. Aluminum slats run the length of the trailer floor. Actuated by a four-phase hydraulic drive, slats move in groups of three, then together. This sequence “walks” material out. Systems can be bi-directional for both loading and unloading product. With few moving parts, the systems are durable and low in maintenance.

Source: Keith Mfg. Co.



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