Roush Propane-Powered F-250 Makes Canadian Debut


Roush® Performance has announced a line of ROUSH propane-powered pickups and vans will soon be available for Canadian fleet customers. The announcement was made in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Conference of the Propane Gas Association of Canada (PGAC) held in Ottawa on June 4 and 5, 2009.

The first Roush propane-powered vehicles that will be available in Canada are based on the Ford F-250 and F-350 pickups, with both offering reduced operating costs and lower greenhouse emissions than their gasoline-powered counterparts. Roush also announced that they would be converting E-Series vans to run on liquid propane and these would also be available for Canadian customers later this year. It is anticipated that each model will have the necessary Transport Canada and other required certifications.

“We are extremely excited to offer our propane-powered vehicles for sale to our neighbours in Canada and we have already had a number of interested fleets asking when these trucks would be available,” said Joe Thompson, vice-president & general manager of Roush Performance. “Canada produces a surplus of propane each year, so it makes sense to utilize this abundant fuel to run a fleet of vehicles.”

According to research provided by the Propane Education & Research Council, operating costs typically range from 5 to 30% less than those of a gasoline-powered fleet, and, on average, create 20% less nitrogen oxides, up to 60% less carbon monoxide and fewer particulate emissions. According to the World LP Gas Association, propane is the most widely used alternative fuel today, with more than 13 million vehicles around the world already using it as an engine fuel.

With deliveries anticipated to start in the fall, Roush will make this product available in two forms; customers can choose either a complete Roush-assembled vehicle that will have a 3-year/58 000 km warranty, or a conversion kit to fit existing trucks in the field, which also carries the same warranty.

The order banks for the vehicles and the conversion kits, both of which are true OEM-quality in terms of engineering and materials, are now open. Among the components changed by Roush are the fuel tank with integrated fuel pump, wiring and valving; stainless steel fuel lines; billet aluminum fuel rails; an upgraded custom Roush PCM calibration; and all necessary wiring, hardware and instructions. The Roush propane-powered F-250 will have an approximate range of 362 km; the E-Series vans will likely have a range of approximately 478 km.

There is no loss of horsepower, torque or towing capacity on the Roush propane-powered vehicles as compared to their gasoline-powered equivalents.

“The propane industry in Canada is delighted with Roush’s initiative to bring OEM vehicles to Canada,” said Ann Marie Hann, president of the Propane Gas Association of Canada. “Making this choice available to consumers adds another level of convenience in going green.”

The PGAC is the national voice of the Canadian propane industry. Its mission is to support members in the growth and development of a safe, environmentally responsible Canadian propane industry, for the benefit of all Canadians. Its nearly 300 members include propane producers, wholesalers, retailers and transporters, as well as manufacturers of appliances, cylinders and equipment. Visit

Source: Roush Performance



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