New Paver Simplifies Slurry Seal & Micro Surfacing


Bergkamp Inc. offers the new M1E self-propelled continuous slurry seal and micro surfacing paver, which combines two of its innovative technologies to form one of the most productive pavement preservation machines available. Bergkamp equips the M1E with its innovative EMCAD (Electronic Mix Control and Diagnostic) System that electronically controls production and sends constant feedback to the operator. All major component clutches, chains and sprockets on the standard M1 have been replaced with direct-drive hydraulics to work with the EMCAD System, reducing the number of wear parts and maintenance points on the machine. The system ties material ratios of aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water, additive and fines together with an electronic signal and automatically maintains the ratios with feedback loops. In addition, it electronically self-diagnoses control system or engine problems and displays a simple error code, reducing troubleshooting and repair time.

Calibration is simplified with the EMCAD System, so fewer steps are required and manual calculations are eliminated. It displays current and average material ratios, total material used and material application rates – and can produce on-demand reports to track production for individual sections of the job, or the entire job, via an onboard printer. Operators and owners can evaluate these printouts and make necessary adjustments immediately to more efficiently run the machine and calculate the bottom line.

The M1E reduces the number of construction joints on the job by receiving a constant supply of material while the machine is working. Ideal for all jobs – from residential streets to main line paving of interstates, including those with strict quality requirements – it applies a new slurry seal or micro surfacing finish that can extend the life of the surface up to seven years.

Source: Bergkamp Inc.

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