The Canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar in Markham


For many the key to survival in tough economic times is maintaining a client base via exposure of their products and services in the best and most efficient way possible. The Canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar (CFMS) is designed to create an open dialogue between manufacturer’s and fleets by creating a unique networking opportunity that places participants amongst the leading fleet managers in the on-road industry.

A subsidiary of the ATTSA (Automotive Transportation Service Superintendents Association), the CFMS is a nonprofit organization designed to promote knowledge, skills and continuous improvement on matters related to vehicles and equipment of the trucking industry, with a specific focus on maintenance and safety. Through its use of discussion panels and guest speakers, relevant topics are routinely brought to life by active members of the North American Trucking Industry. Working in conjunction with the OEM community every effort is made to share experiences and technical insights on what works and what does not with today’s equipment and products.
Preparations are already underway for the 48th annual CFMS in 2011.

Source: The Canadian Fleet Maintenance Seminar

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