Securing NB’s Investment in Infrastructure


The current trend of government spending on new construction, particularly roads and bridges, has been a boon to contractors, the equipment industry and the general economy. Unfortunately, and in keeping with tradition, there has been little discussion or investment in maintaining and prolonging the usefulness of such expenditure.

To the astute observer this situation has all the hallmarks of an opportunity. One such person is Louis Morin of the Morin Group, Grand Falls, New Brunswick. With an eye on making the most of opportunity Mr. Morin has continued to diversify his company to best exploit the occasions presented him. So much so that his latest venture will see the investment in roads construction realize dividends. Morin has become the first general service contractor in the Province to invest in modern hot rubber melter/applicator technology. But why?

“The Province has seen the benefits of using the right practices, equipment and materials to keep our roads and bridges in good working order. Our main highways are the most obvious examples. So much so that municipalities have bought into the benefits of hot rubber cracksealing,” said Mr. Morin. “The difficulty is there have been bad experiences in the past when questionable practices have been used by unqualified or uncertified contractors using antique or home-made machinery and poor materials. Many of whom flit in and out of the region making accountability another concern of municipal authorities,” he adds.

Desirous of getting off on the right foot, Louis Morin has invested in equipment, material and training. The state-of-the-art is foremost in his plan to bring professional, reliable, quality craftsmanship to clients in the province. To achieve this he will be using a Cimline 230 DHRD Magma melter/applicator and McAsphalt Beram 3060 rubberised asphalt sealant. In order to best prepare cracks for filling, Mr. Morin will employ Cimline’s hot air lance to heat and dry the pavement without using direct flame. With quality comes an obligation to safety and ergonomics in keeping with the Cimline PCR-25 router complete with brakes and other industry leading safety features to be used to open and prepare cracks when appropriate.

If good things come in 3’s, then training is the trump card in Louis Morin’s hand. “One of the reasons I chose to deal with Sancton Equipment was the emphasis on pre and post sales support,” he said. Part of every delivery is factory-authorised training which includes in-class and on-site sessions. These sessions consist of good practices, how-to, proper material selection and the safe operation of the equipment. The result is a knowledgeable contractor with a quality branding associated with it.

Crack sealing is the least expensive pavement maintenance practice that provides the greatest long-term benefit. When qualified contractors using good practices, quality equipment and superior materials are engaged then ratepayers will receive the best value for money. For New Brunswick that means Morin Group may be coming to a carriageway near you soon.

Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

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