Hanson Brick Delivers Unmatchable, Historic Beauty with Vermont Waterstruck Brick


Hanson Brick, North America's largest brick manufacturer, is now offering the timeless, Vermont Brick distributed exclusively by Hanson in Ontario and Quebec. Vermont Brick is a rare, authentic, waterstruck clay brick featuring a natural patina that is not seen in any other brick. By including Vermont Brick in its product line, Hanson offers unique and historic beauty that gives class and presence to any building. An environmentally friendly option, Vermont Brick is made from natural raw materials and offers longevity and the option to reuse long after its intended use.

"Vermont Brick offers classic beauty with superior strength and reliability that is offered with all of our clay brick products," said Bob Christensen, senior vice president of Hanson Building Products East. "Because these bricks are made from natural, authentic materials, they will look great 200 years from now."

Made to achieve the hand made, distinguished look of buildings constructed centuries ago, waterstruck brick is manufactured with the trusted, time-honored method of using soft clay, deposited at the end of the Ice Age, pressed with wet moulds. This process creates a textural effect that when dry, produces a polished, refined surface without the use of coatings, which is unlike any other brick.

"Waterstruck brick is unfamiliar to some and has been used less in recent years, but is the source of some of the most beautiful structures we have," added Leo Steffler, vice president and general manager of Hanson Brick North Region. "Hanson wanted to offer brick that whether it has been standing for centuries or built just yesterday, has the same historic appearance."

Waterstruck brick has been utilized for some of the most historic buildings that still stand today, such as the oldest standing brick residence in British North America, the "Old North Church" built in the 1700s that was noted as a landmark in poems by Paul Revere, and various town centers and restorations seeking the revival of beautiful, honest and memorable architecture.

Hanson offers Vermont Brick in four distinct through-the-body colors that are unique to waterstruck brick: Montpelier Red, University Range, University RangeLight and University Range Dark.

Source: Hanson Brick


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