Crack busting at YSJ!


To most readers the words “crack” and “airport” likely conjure up images of sniffer dogs, mules and Columbian cartels. When a full service regional airport located in an Atlantic port city with scheduled service to Toronto and Montreal is the setting, then your imagination may be flashing an entire television miniseries full of underworld intrigue before your eyes.

Sorry to disappoint, but the “crack” in this case refers to the wear and tear of runway and other pavements at Saint John Airport (YSJ) in New Brunswick. Not quite the stuff of sensationalised viewing, rather an acknowledgement of safety and responsibility to the patrons of this strategically placed facility.

Airfield and roadway pavements endure severe weather as well as the stress and strain of dynamic loading. Runways particularly experience huge fatigue loads from aircraft landings, hot sunny days and chemical deicings in cold weather. The management at YSJ is well aware of this, and has actively supported pavement maintenance as one of the cornerstones of operations for decades.

Recently, as part of this commitment to pavement preservation, YSJ Operations purchased a Cimline Magma 110 DHRCI melter/applicator. This unit gives the operations crew a completely self-contained oil-jacketed melter with fully digital thermostatic controls for oil, material and hose in order to maintain material specifications and increase efficiency.

The VMAC compressor is mounted under the fully insulated engine cowl and provides 70 CFM @ 100 psi continuous air pressure and a 15.2 m retractable hose reel. This screw type compressor is “On-Demand” being belt driven via an electric clutch and a fully self-diagnostic controller. Co-located on the reel is a fully regulated propane supply to power the heat lance also supplied on this model.

Not only does this unit have the only enclosed self-contained compressor and heat lance available, it also comes with the Cimline One Hour Start-Up Guarantee, another industry exclusive. Fully insulated splash-proof loading doors, ceramically lined firebox and 114 l/min material pump all contribute to the efficiency and high production [TLP: 800 m/h] of the Magma series. Standard fume reduction, nonsubmerged pump, torsion axle and high output allow the crew to get hooked-up and on the job quickly and easily.

Perhaps not the “edge-of-your-seat” drama you had hoped, but certainly news that should lessen those butterflies next time you fly in to see the Reversing Falls, Fundy Tides or indulge in the World’s Best lobster and seafood.

Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

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