Emissions Regulations Continue
to Change – Here’s How to Keep Up


One might think all would be quiet now that the “dust” is beginning to settle on interim Tier 4 and Final Tier 4 does not take effect for most off-road equipment until the 2013 - 2015 timeframe, depending on horsepower.

Not exactly. Local, state, and regional emission control measures for legacy engines/equipment remain and have the potential to change. The more you know about changing developments in your area, the better equipped you will be to continue working, bidding on – and winning – new jobs.

There are two types of changes to be aware of:

  • New in-use rules are popping up in and around the country. While there is been a well-publicized delay in the rules for California and New York, in-use rules continue to be in effect in Chicago (Illinois), Vancouver (British Columbia) and New Jersey.
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to strengthen its standard for ground-level ozone later this summer. This will likely result in a re-drawing of the non-attainment map, creating more non-attainment zones around some urban areas. It could also result in some new locations being designated as non-attainment areas for the first time.

A non-attainment area may no longer be the big city or metropolitan area you have traditionally known. Based on your worksite location, you could be affected by the new non-attainment area map.

While it is a good idea to become familiar with what both the EPA and local governing bodies are doing, who can keep track of all the changes?

Your construction equipment dealer should be keeping an eye on important off-road equipment emission developments in your city, state or region. Stay in contact with this important source of emissions information.

For example, each John Deere dealer has a dedicated emissions expert who knows the local rules and responds to customers’ needs and questions. They will also be familiar with government funding sources, such as those that finance retrofits.

The Straightforward Blog, part of Deere’s “Emissions Hub,” is another place to find the very latest information and valuable background on all emissions topics.

Source: Deere & Company

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