Elliott’s New M43 HiReach


The new M43 HiReach aerial work platform unveiled by Elliott Equipment Company recently, features a cutting edge design that addresses the most contemporary worksite needs in aerial construction and maintenance applications.

With growing technology, outdoor maintenance has become highly technical and time consuming. That is why the new Maintenance-Line from Elliott offers a range of productivity features that are designed to help maintenance teams finish the job quickly at lower cost to the employer and the customer.

The M43 features 14,6 m of working height, 11 m of working side reach, and Elliott’s popular 76 cm x 137 cm EZR rotating and removable work platform system. Combined with other great features like a narrow outrigger spread, 110 V line to platform, and plenty of room for toolboxes or a linebody, it is the right aerial work platform for most work environments.

Elliott’s engineering team focused on maximizing capabilities while retaining a small overall size, which is why the M43 can carry two workers in the platform and can lift 227 kg of materials using the hydraulic jib winch, all on a 8845 kg GVWR chassis.

Source: Elliott Equipment Company

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