HERO™ Challenges the Hardest Grounds


The HERO™ series of matrices is ready to take on the hardest ground thanks to the new HERO™  diamond core bit, introduced into the market by Canadian manufacturer Fordia.

Consistent with the series, this latest addition comes with a 13 mm diamond impregnation height and offers an outstanding penetration/lifetime ratio. Manufactured with great care and precision to meet Fordia’s exceptional quality standards, the HERO™  is made with the same unitary furnacing process applied to the entire series to ensure tool consistency.

A specialist in the manufacture of tools and accessories for drilling companies, Fordia has integrated this matrix into the HERO™ family to round out its range. Together, the three core bits that comprise the product line cover ground types with a hardness of 3.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale.

The HERO™  is specially designed to conquer very hard to extremely hard ground types, such as those consisting of basalt, felsic or volcanic rock. These are present on the South American and Australian markets. Grounds like these call for an extremely sharp matrix, and that is precisely what the HERO™  delivers. In a single thrust, it responds with more bite than a lower-level matrix.

Tests in Australia put the tenacity of the HERO™ ’s on display. "Clients will be glad to hear about the launch of this new matrix, which takes on the hardest ground types without hesitation," says Charlie Younger, manager of Fordia’s three outlets in Australia. “The HERO™  is the first in the series to meet the needs of the Australian market.” With significant expansion in its mineral exploration activities, Australia is sure to benefit from this new matrix.

Source: Fordia

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