The Vehicle that Goes Where You Work and Works Where You Go!

The new Panther T8 operates in off-road and weather conditions you cannot even imagine. Efficiently, reliably, cost-effectively. The Panther offers exceptional performance and versatility, in mining, construction, oil and gas as well as electric utility. The Panther’s widened chassis accepts virtually all implements without any modifications.

With its two-person cab, large deck space as well as ease of implement installation, the Panther is locked and loaded to perform without fail in the mining, electric and utility, oil and gas sectors. From construction to ROW (right-of-way) maintenance, in the middle of nowhere or within city limits, the Panther has the toughness, tenacity and reliability you need in a crawler.

Prinoth is a competent partner for your sector. We know that your work require specialized maintenance and equipment to keep facilities and infrastructures both operational and safe. That is where the Panther comes in. It tracks into hard-to-reach worksites all year round with all the implements necessary for site preparation. From building access roads to exploratory drilling and pipeline installation, the Panther gets it done. Quickly, safely, economically.

With the ability to employ just about any implement, it is one very capable platform from which to work. All standard implements can be affixed to the Panther’s 860 mm truck-inspired chassis with little to no modifications. This makes installation simpler and easier, and gives you one less thing to sweat over.

Prinoth is also exhibiting at the MINExpo International in Las Vegas from September 24 to 26, 2012, in booth #1435 (CAMESE Pavilion).

Source: Prinoth Ltd.

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