Gray Tools Showcased Largest Combination Wrench at NHES


Visitors to the National Heavy Equipment Show, held on Apil. 18-19, 2013, had the chance to see a rare sight – the largest combination wrench in the world – a 12,7 cm (5’’) combination wrench built by Gray Tools). Gray Tools created this huge combination wrench to demonstrate its ability to design and manufacture custom made tools to address unique customer requirements. While this 12,7 cm combination wrench is a showpiece only, Gray Tools stocks large combination wrenches up to a 10,16 cm (4’’), which are regularly used in the oil and gas, mining and heavy equipment industries.
“There are times when companies have a specific need and can’t find a tool in the market to address their requirement,” says Gary Nuttall, president of Gray Tools. “Increasingly, companies are turning to us to manufacture customized tools. Not only are tradespeople faster and more efficient with a custom-built tool to address a unique situation, but they are also much safer, too. There can be significant safety issues with improvised tools.”  
Gray Tools Canada Inc. of Brampton, Ontario, is the only industrial-quality manufacturer of hand tools in Canada and has been manufacturing high-quality hand tools since 1912. The company currently offers more than 6,000 industrial product solutions and operates two warehouses in Canada.

Source: Gray Tools Canada Inc.


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