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In today’s challenging marketplace, companies cannot afford downtime – they need their equipment repaired quickly and efficiently. More and more they are looking for top quality finished parts that they can install onsite and wear parts that will last in the face of even the harshest working environments.

SSAB recently added new manufacturing capabilities at its Montreal, Quebec, facility to help meet these market needs. “With this new equipment, SSAB can now offer the most comprehensive line of wear products in the region combining wear plate, hard facing – chromium carbide overlay – and extensive manufacturing capabilities with exceptional application knowledge,” said Per Johansson, vice president, Value Added Services, SSAB.

SSAB’s new Gemini CNC Drilling, Milling and Thermal Cutting System is a versatile machine for fabrication details and plate components for machinery of all types particularly for mining, forestry, earthmoving and agricultural equipment. This combined system for cutting and machining of parts is capable of drilling, countersinking, beveling and marking – all in one machine. It includes both plasma and oxy-fuel torches which can cut and machine parts from 3.2 mm to 20.3 cm (1/8” to 8”).

With this new system, SSAB is able to produce the most complex parts from wear parts such as screen plates and liner plates to hammers, cutting edges and more. Further, customers can be assured their parts will be accurate and precise with its rack and pinion positioning and measuring systems along with minimum deflection when machining.

“The market is looking for a one-stop shop where they can order from one supplier and receive quality finished parts that are ready to be installed. The Gemini system allows us to offer that to our customers,” said Patrick Leclerc, regional sales manager, SSAB.

In addition, with the new machine, production rate is higher helping to reduce lead times. This is particularly important as unplanned downtime is very costly. In the case of a big quarry or mine, every hour of unplanned maintenance related to wear part failure may represent tens of thousands of dollars of lost production. So the faster they can get their replacement wear part the more money they will save.

Wear life is another important factor impacting downtime. Wear parts must be able to withstand the harshest working environments common in the mining and heavy equipment industries. With the new 183 cm (72”) wide Overlay Table at the Montreal facility, SSAB can now supply a wide range of chromium carbide and complex carbide overlay plate. SSAB, recognized for its well known Hardox® brand, now offers customers a complete portfolio of abrasion resistant steel products.

“We have the opportunity to optimize wear life using Hardox, overlay products or both in combination,” said Maurice Picard, SSAB area technical manager. “For extreme sliding wear in medium to high impact applications, chromium carbide overlay combined with Hardox base plate has provided outstanding wear life.”

Overlay is particularly useful for applications like mining, road building and asphalt, recycling, material handling and many other areas where abrasive materials require extremely hard surfaces. It provides outstanding wear resistance, is workshop-friendly, has excellent heat resistance – up to 590°C (1,100°F), making it a material of choice for cement plants.

“With the addition of this equipment, we can now offer a more complete product portfolio for our customers—all with a quicker turnaround,” said Mr. Leclerc

Source: SSAB


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