Decking Jobs Just Got Easier


Hilti continues their decking innovation stream of products with a new unmatched mechanical deck fastener that can replace puddle welds for all bar joist attachments. The new one nail bar joist solution, X-HSN 24, outperforms current bar joist fasteners and provides a consistent fastening even at the most difficult connection points. Designed with a longer and fully knurled shank this new fastener can be used where other methods of fastenings are limited.

To further simplify the portfolio the X-HSN 24 was designed to work optimally with Hilti red cartridges. One fastener and one cartridge for virtually all steel base materials 3 mm (1/8”) up to 9.5 mm (3/8”) thick.

To expedite visual inspection the X-HSN 24 is collated in red plastic strips allowing it to be quickly and easily identified on the deck surface.  Combine this new fastener with our innovative “SLC” sidelap screw portfolio and users will achieve an unmatched deck fastening system.

Source: Hilti, Inc.

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