Innovative Equipment in the Quebec City Materials Recycling Facility Marks a New Era in Glass Recycling

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) recently inaugurated innovative glass processing equipment as part of the implementation of its Innovative Glass Works plan. The Quebec City Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), which is operated by Société VIA, is among the 5 centers to receive cutting-edge equipment to lead experimental pilot projects with the aim to find a solution for 100% of the glass collected through curbside recycling.

Combining sorting and cleaning equipment in a single glass processing system, the technology developed by Krysteline Technologies and the related equipment installed by Québec equipment manufacturer Machinex will enable sorting centers to produce high-quality glass that meets the needs of conditioners and recyclers, which will now be able to more easily and cost-effectively reintegrate the glass into new products, including innovative ecomaterials.

“The experimental pilot projects led as part of ÉEQ's Innovative Glass Works plan are an exceptional showcase for Québec in terms of innovation and circular economy,” affirmed Maryse Vermette, president and CEO of ÉEQ. “The major investments by the organizations that fund curbside recycling, which we represent, will benefit all stakeholders in the recycling industry. This is a mobilizing project and we are very pleased to work in close collaboration with the government, municipalities, sorting centers and innovative businesses to develop glass recycling markets.”

“For a large sorting center such as ours, which processes over 10,000 t/y of glass per year, the benefits of this new technology are significant”, confirmed Jean-Sébastien Daigle, president and CEO of Société VIA, the nonprofit organization that manages the Quebec City MRF. “Now that we can provide high-quality glass to conditioners and recyclers, the doors are wide open for new ecomaterials made with recycled glass.”

Announced in January 2016, the Innovative Glass Works plan includes investments of $6.7 million to upgrade sorting centres across the province and set up experimental pilot projects so that they may produce higher quality glass, as well as support measures for businesses seeking to develop new ecomaterials and outlets for glass collected through curbside recycling.  

Source: Éco Entreprises Québec



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