EHLA® PLUS Also for Simple Construction Machines

Electrohydraulic steering systems for rear axles have been standard in many commercial vehicles and complex construction machinery for many years.

In the case of commercial vehicles, the use of electrohydraulic auxiliary steering is primarily to ensure compliance with the legal requirements. Without a steered rear axle the legally defined minimum turning circle, also known as “BOKraft-Kreis“ in German, cannot be maintained.

In addition to compliance with legal requirements, complex construction machines such as mobile cranes have to meet very high requirements for manoeuverability, which can only be met by electrohydraulic auxiliary steering.

Steering modes such as crab steering, manual steering intervention or automatic rear swing out suppression are standard here, as is the complete power decoupling of the rear axles from the front axle.

Simple construction machines, such as 2-axle loaders, usually have hydrostatic front axle steering and are often rear axle steering-ready. However, this is purely hydraulic and may only be switched-on manually on the construction site. It is obvious that application possibilities and flexibility, as well as operating comfort are very limited.

Mobil Elektronik from Langenbrettach, Germany, has committed itself to providing these vehicles with the same features that are already standard in mobile cranes. Operation will be easy and convenient. The steering mode can be changed at any wheel position. The synchronization of the axles with each other is done automatically.

The EHLA® PLUS auxiliary steering system has been in use for a long time and is well known.

Source: Mobil Elektronik GmbH


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