Autocar DC-64R Severe-Duty Conventional Refuse Truck  Working Hard For WCA Waste

Autocar® recently announced the delivery of the first production model DC-64R conventional roll-off to WCA Waste Corporation of Houston, Texas.

In an unprecedented departure from refuse industry tradition, Autocar mounted the roll-off hoist body onto the DC chassis on the OEM production line. Autocar refers to this game-changing capability as the Power of One integration of the chassis and body. 

“This is VIN number one, the first DC off our assembly line. It’s not just a custom-engineered truck for WCA – we do those every day – but, for the first time ever, it was built with a roll-off hoist integrated on the same truck chassis assembly line right here in our Birmingham plant,” reflected Eric Schwartz, Autocar Specialty Vehicle Group managing director, on the DC-64R development process and the significance of Power of One integration of the roll-off body.

Power of One offers abundant benefits to customers over the traditional body mounting process which takes longer from order to delivery and may include post-production modifications. It is designed to protect the integrity of the OEM build, reduce production cycle time and achieve significant advances in safety and reliability by avoiding disassembly at the body builder.

In addition to the Ultimate Power of One a myriad of additional engineering innovations debuted on the DC-64R: ultra-high-strength 160,000 PSI steel frame rails and the new Always Up® digital display. Also, Autocar engineered in the recently launched Cummins X-12 lightweight engine package, power and torque exactly where you need it, coupled with the bulletproof Allison 4700 transmission is the DC-64R right powertrain for this application.

The new DC-64 also represents the rebirth of Autocar’s DC, first introduced by The Autocar Company in 1939 as its premier severe-duty and, for the time, revolutionary, diesel-powered work truck.

Source: Autocar, LLC

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