Donaldson Introduces Space-Saving PowerCore® Edge
Engine Air Cleaner

Donaldson Company, Inc. recently introduced the PowerCore® Edge, a compact, high-efficiency engine air cleaner for use in heavy dust environments. Released at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March, this new filtration device is specifically designed to fit into tight under-hood spaces in off-road equipment and offer easier servicing than previous generations of air cleaners.

Donaldson PowerCore air cleaners have been meeting the demanding specifications of on- and off-road equipment manufacturers for 20 years, delivering continuous improvements in filtration technology and packaging flexibility. Bringing the smallest footprint yet to the PowerCore filter line, PowerCore Edge offers front-service access for easy filter changes, a unique seal design with heat tolerance up to 100°C, and can fit either vertically or horizontally into tight engine compartments – solving the space constraint needs of today’s equipment manufacturers.

“The widespread adoption of large, heat-emitting emissions control devices means less under-hood space is available for components like engine air cleaners, and under-hood temperatures are higher,” said Al Hovda, general manager of Donaldson Engine Air Systems. “PowerCore Edge responds to these demands and still delivers the high dust-holding capacity and filter life that have distinguished PowerCore filters for the last 20 years.”

PowerCore Edge air cleaners can be smaller due to Donaldson’s PowerCore G3 media pack, which delivers all the filtration capability of a conventional pleated air filter in 65% less space. This innovation continues the Donaldson-led trajectory toward increasingly smaller, more powerful media technology that has defined the PowerCore filter line and enabled Donaldson to respond to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) engineering requirements.

PowerCore Edge is also easier to maintain on the job. In a multi-stage air cleaner, an integrated pre-cleaner removes the heaviest dust before it can reach the primary filter. Because pre-cleaners can clog in the most extreme off-road conditions, Donaldson designed the pre-cleaner on the PowerCore Edge to easily separate into 2 pieces to allow for fast and easy cleaning.

In heavy dust or debris laden off-road environments, OEMs may choose to add a scavenge vacuum system for more efficient removal of dust and debris from the pre-cleaner. When a scavenge system is used, PowerCore Edge improves serviceability by allowing the scavenge line to remain in place while servicing the pre-cleaner or the primary filter. PowerCore Edge also offers improved pre-cleaner performance in non-scavenged applications.

Source: Donaldson Company

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