High-Capacity Hydraulic Lift Table Simplifies Maintenance




The new LiftMaster 7000 from LiftWise allows users to lift or lower a variety of parts into position for maintenance or other needs. Featuring a high lift capacity with a compact and maneuverable design, the hydraulic lift table provides easy operation for some of the most demanding operational tasks.

The LiftMaster 7000 has a lift-off capacity of 2,500 kg and a full capacity of 3,175 kg. A pump handle is used to precisely raise/lower the table with a maximum lift height of 965 mm.

For easy maneuverability when moving and positioning heavy components, the LiftMaster 7000 includes 15 cm-diameter swivel wheels and locking casters. An optional bolt-on transfer top can provide additional versatility by allowing 6° rotation, 50 mm side-to-side movement, and 50 mm front-to-back movement. It has perforated sections that can be used for fine positioning items on the table by using a small pry bar. The transfer top has a 1,814 kg load capacity and can be easily removed when not needed.

The LiftMaster 7000 is 81 cm wide and 183 cm long with the handle raised. The handle can be folded for a storage height of only 266 mm.

LiftWise is the material handling group at Diversified Products. The company offers a wide range of products for material handling in assembly, welding and servicing of equipment, as well as other various lifting solutions.

Source: Diversified Products

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