VINCI Will Build the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir in Alberta




VINCI Construction, through its earthworks subsidiary specialized in major projects, will build the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir located 15 km west of Calgary on behalf of the Province of Alberta.

This project will help protect the inhabitants of Calgary and the surrounding areas by diverting and temporarily storing water from the Elbow River during peak volume events to avoid flooding such as occurred in 2013.

The project, worth $379 million, is anticipated to last for 3 years. It includes a regulation structure on the Elbow river, a 29 m high earthen dam stretching approximately 3.8 km, and working together with a water intake and a 4.3 km diversion channel.

In total, earthwork for this project is estimated at around 5 million m3. The contract also includes road development works and construction of engineering structures on adjacent roads.

Award of the Springbank Project acknowledges VINCI Construction’s expertise in infrastructure that contributes to climate resilience in support of sustainable development. It reinforces VINCI’s local presence in Canada, where it accounts for over 5,200 employees and generated revenue of $2.2 billion in 2021.

Source: VINCI Construction

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