Popular Metal Bellows Couplings Series Expanded


The versatile metal bellows couplings of the KG-VA, KGH and KGE series from JAKOB Antriebstechnik have been expanded. They were previously available in 2 and 4 corrugated versions; the 6 corrugated bellows have been added. This means that the series can be used even more flexibly, longer shaft distances can be bridged and larger offsets can be compensated. In addition to these series, the company also offers many other standard series or custom-made products.

The KG-VA series in stainless steel meets high requirements. The couplings are available for torque ranges from 30 - 1000 Nm and shaft diameters from 10 - 90 mm. It can be used in temperature ranges from -40°C to +350°C.

The bellows and hub are connected using a micro-plasma welding process. It results in constructive advantages such as the reduced overall length and reproducible quality of the secure and permanent connections between metal bellows and stainless steel or steel hubs. The coupling offers absolutely no backlash, high concentricity and maximum torsional rigidity. In contrast to adhesive bonds, it is absolutely and indefinitely durable, even under critical operating conditions.

The couplings are qualified for transport, packaging and filling systems in the food industry. However, stainless steel bellows couplings are also preferred in metallurgy, the galvanic industry, in the vacuum area or in the area of ​​satellite technology equipment.

With the compact KGE metal bellows coupling, a tailor-made solution has been developed for all gearboxes with a drive flange. This system unit impresses above all with its extremely short design with maximum utilization of the rigidity of the transmission. This enables the customer to have both a very compact machine design and extremely short positioning times. As with the KG-VA series, the micro-plasma welding process is also used here.

The KGH metal bellows coupling is manufactured in the extremely easy-to-assemble half-shell hub design. Assembly and disassembly of the coupling are no longer difficult, even in cramped installation conditions. The fixed hub halves are placed on the shaft and screwed to the loose half-shell pieces. In the case of fixed shaft journals in particular, servicing can mean that the drive and/or output unit has to be laboriously dismantled, which is no longer necessary. The stainless steel variant KGH-VA is also ideal for use in the food industry and medical technology.

The KGH series is wear and maintenance-free, can be used up to 350°C and includes shaft diameters of 8-85 mm and torque ranges from 20 to 1800 Nm.

Source: JAKOB Antriebstechnik

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