Oshkosh Truck Introduces
New H-Series Snow Chassis


Oshkosh Truck Corporation introduced its next generation Oshkosh® H-Series snow chassis at the Airfield Operations Area (AOA) annual conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The H-Series redesign focused on three priorities derived through comprehensive interviews with airport snow removal operators: improved visibility, safety and comfort. Built specifically for airport snow removal operations, this latest design adds to the reputation of the most popular airport snow removal chassis in history.

"The improvements to the H-Series chassis were the direct result of operator input," said Robert G. Bohn, Oshkosh's chairman, president and CEO. "Oshkosh Truck has pushed the envelope in terms of performance and again demonstrated our commitment to be an innovative force in every industry we serve."

Operator visibility is improved with close to 40% more windshield glass over the new chassis' predecessor - already the industry leader in that category. The improvement was accomplished by designing a wraparound front windshield without the typical blind spots created by corner posts. Enhanced wiper and defroster systems improve window coverage. In addition, rear three-quarter windows were added to improve rearward visibility and lower front cab windows were added to give the operator a birds-eye view of attachments and mounts.

Safety and maintenance were improved through the use of onboard diagnostic displays and a network of safety interlocks. The display and conveniently-located wraparound controls in the cab create a more focused and safe driving environment for the operator. Additionally, a second seat has been added to accommodate a supervisor or trainer.

Long hours in a snow removal chassis require a comfortable cab. The H-Series chassis has been upgraded significantly in this regard beginning with an additional 30 cm side-to-side and front-to-back of interior space. The cab can be accessed through doors on both sides of the vehicle. Powered windows, digital climate controls and even two cup holders were all added based on customer input.

The next generation H-Series snow chassis seamlessly integrates with a variety of blowers, plows, scrapers and brooms to give airports maximum flexibility in their snow operations.

Source: Oshkosh Truck Corporation

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