New Asphalt-Saturated High Performance Polyester Underlayment from Tarco is Wrinkle-Free & Water-Tight


Tarco today announced LeakBarrier® EasyLay Asphalt Saturated High Performance Polyester (HPP) underlayment, the ideal underlayment for residential roofing applications. EasyLay has the look and feel of traditional felt but is much stronger and lies flat despite weather conditions or other circumstances.

Its secret is DuraBase, a durable PET (poly-ethylene terephthalate) base, nonwoven reinforcement material, created by Johns Manville's Engineered Products Group. This material is saturated with time-proven, moisture-resistant asphalt to improve weatherability and handling. Packaged like traditional felt, EasyLay is now available in 4-square, 36 in wide rolls.

Unlike most underlayments, EasyLay can be left exposed for up to six months. When traditional felts are exposed in damp weather for just a few days, they tend to absorb moisture and wrinkle. EasyLay does not absorb moisture and does not warp, and it provides an effective moisture barrier until permanent shingles, tiles, metal roofing or self-adhering cap sheets can be applied.

EasyLay is a high performance roll roofing product, combining a strong, tear-resistant polyester base sheet with a practical asphalt-saturated underlayment that is compatible with the realities of residential roofing. From the installer's point of view, no change of working habits is necessary. EasyLay underlayments can be installed in the same manner as the traditional saturated felts that they have been installing for years.

Roofing contractors report difficulties in handling many of the new synthetic underlayments, such as all-plastic underlayments that tend to fold or wrinkle and do not seal well around fasteners. EasyLay resolves the problems that roofers are experiencing with the uncoated plastic underlayments. The EasyLay base material is made from a strong, durable, water-resistant PET polymer, popularly known as polyester. PET base reinforcement is highly compatible with asphalt saturation, which adds bulk and thickness for easier handling; better sealing around nails; and greater protection beneath shingles, tiles, metal roofing and other primary roofing materials.

Source: Tarco

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