A New Hydraulic System for Four-Season Trucks

ACE, Accent Electronic Controls Inc., presents its new hydraulic system that satisfies all hydraulic requirements for a truck working 12 months a year.

Optivalve is an integrated valve block consisting of three main components: the inlet/ high flow section(s), the sander central block, and the low flow plow valve section(s).

This block design may incorporate as many high and/or low flow sections as required by the specific application.

It is a load sensing design, which makes it perfect for use with a load sensing piston pump. It is also compatible with the ACE load sensing priority valve circuit (Canadian Patent #2,390,186) that permits the use of a fixed displacement pump.

The plumbing is reduced to a minimum. The installation of the Optivalve is simplified with a unique mounting pattern independent of the number of valves used.

The choice of valve actuators makes it simple to add more valves.

The use of a load sensing piston pump reduces fuel consumption to a minimum.

The time needed for converting from summer to winter use is reduced considerably.

Because the Optivalve uses a piston pump, standard valve sections and minimal plumbing, the complete system can be offered at a price comparable to a system using a fixed displacement tandem pump, while giving all the advantages of the piston pump to the user.

It is obvious that the normal requirements for hydraulic systems concerning filtration, suction vacuum, oil quality, etc., still apply.

Source: ACE Accent Electronic Controls


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