Cost-Effective Lube Solutions


FLO Components with its Quicklub® System from Lincoln Industrial provides "Cost Effective Lube Solutions" helping major manufacturers reduce downtime. The Quicklub® systems provide a relative simple and cost-effective method of centralizing and/or automating the lubrication of critical machine bearings. FLO provides Custom Kits to cover virtually any quantity of points desired or pre-assembled kits to service up to 12 points from a single grease fitting.

The basic Quicklub® kit is an inexpensive centralized system dispensing lubricant manually from a lever gun. The heart of the system is a positive displacement metering valve dispensing metered amounts of lubricants to each point covered by the system. Even those hard to reach are assured of being properly lubricated and purged of contaminants.

Quicklub® systems can be fully automated using one of a wide range of 12VDC, 24VDC or 120VAC electric or pneumatic pumps. This increases the advantages of dispensing small measured amounts of lubricants at more frequent intervals while machinery continues to run. This feature allows maintenance personnel to focus on truly "preventative" activities.

Quicklub® Systems are the right solution for many industries and applications by eliminating costly manual point-by-point lubrication.

Source: FLO Components Ltd.

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