Hard-Co Chooses Côté Snowplows


When it became time to renew its fleet of snowplows, Hard-Co Sand & Gravel acquired Côté plows from its dealer Twin Equipment Ltd. of Ottawa.

Each of the new Peterbilt trucks is equipped with a Côté HM7000 harnesses coupled to a Côté SU8000 plows and a Côté JC5000 side wing.

Hard-Co is based out of Whitby, Ontario and has grown into one of the larger construction companies in Durham Region since its inception in 1986. The company has two main components: Hard-Co Construction and Hard-Co Sand & Gravel.

Hard-Co Excavating Ltd was incorporated in 1986. To better illustrate the diversification and growth of the company, Hard-Co Excavation Ltd evolved into Hard-Co Construction Ltd in February 1992, Barry Harding being president and Larry Harding vice president.

Over the years, Hard-Co has grown expanding from basement/footing excavation and septic bed installation, to major road reconstruction and subdivision servicing. The company is one of the largest construction companies of its kind in Durham Region, capable of considering any size project. In fact, the growth of Hard-Co has not hampered its ability to complete small, one-machine jobs.

As well as completing contracts for municipalities, Hard-Co often works in the private sector, servicing new industrial/commercial sites and performing additions to existing structures.

Source: W. Côté & Fils Ltée
Twin Equipment Ltd.


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