Superiority Complex


Recently, Winnipeg based, Superior Asphalt Paving Co. purchased a Cimline PCR-25 crack router to equip their growing pavement maintenance fleet.

"We felt that we wanted to be able to improve the quality of the services we provide, and chose to add routing to our cracksealing operations. As we grow this area of our business we are encountering more occasions when routing is required due to the state of the asphalt or the specification mandated by the customer"...comments Guy Combot, owner of Superior Asphalt Paving.

The Cimline PCR-25 router is the most well engineered product available to commercial crack sealers in Canada. This machine is not merely a device for gouging out asphalt like many other brands; Cimline has invested a lot of engineering time into the development of these tools. It is powered by a dependable Kohler power plant, that includes overhead valves for smooth running, and tri-stage air filtration to protect it in a hot and dusty environment. The unique heavy duty frame includes a labor-saving tilt-up cutter shroud for ease of maintenance, and a two-piece drum with Timken tapered roller bearings to improve load capacities and increase service life.

Not only is the PCR-25 built tough, it is also built with safety and ease of operation at its center. The 'Bomb-Sight' pointer to permit ease of following the crack, and the high visibility depth indicator provide the operator with simple and concise information. Also, the frame permits the operator to balance the machine, eliminating strain and fatigue of back and shoulders. This is further improved by the adjustable handles and the quick stop brake system incorporated into them to permit better control and safety of operation. Ultimately the belly bar engine shut-off is conveniently placed to provide the operator with peace of mind when working in hazardous or high traffic areas. This feature ensures that the unit will stop in 7 seconds or less compared to competitive units using electric clutches or other devices.

A Superior machine, to perform a Superior job employed by a Superior asphalt contractor, ...Super!

Source: Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group

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