Cummins Filtration Introduces Environmentally Friendly ES Compleat Glycerin Coolant

Cummins Filtration announces the release of Fleetguard® ES Compleat Glycerin, an innovative heavy duty engine antifreeze/coolant using non-toxic glycerin in lieu of traditional ethylene glycol or propylene glycol.

Glycerin is derived from renewable sources and is the primary byproduct of the biodiesel manufacturing process. "We take environmental responsibility very seriously at Cummins Filtration. Being able to support sustainability with a glycerin coolant that also offers excellent protection is very important to our mission," said Mike Sarris, director of Global Coolants and Chemicals for Cummins Filtration. "We have long supported the importance of greener solutions through all our product development, and we are very pleased to introduce our new environmentally friendly glycerin coolant to the marketplace."

Cummins Filtration conducted extensive testing and field trials to approve glycerin as the base for this new coolant. All tests confirmed that ES Compleat Glycerin prediluted coolant provides the anti-freeze, anti-boil, heat transfer and corrosion protection required of today's fully formulated, heavy duty antifreeze/coolant. The new formula also meets or exceeds the performance specifications of all heavy duty engine OEMs, including Cummins CES 14603 (refer to AEB 99.01).

With extended service intervals of 250 000 km or 4000 h, ES Compleat Glycerin offers freeze protection to -35°C and offers ultimate liner pitting, corrosion, aluminum and solder protection for longer system life. The coolant is compatible with gaskets, elastomers and other non-metallics in the engine and is suitable for all diesel, gasoline and natural gas engines.

The prediluted formula eliminates the need for mixing concentrated product with water, ensuring the cleanest solution enters the cooling system and reducing costly maintenance time. And with specially designed Fleetguard coolant test strips and refractometers, field testing is quick and easy, keeping engines running better with fewer trips to the service bay. Fleetguard ES Compleat Glycerin prediluted coolant extends service intervals, reduces maintenance time and ensures the ultimate protection for equipment and the environment.

Cummins recently received an Eye on Innovation Award from the National Biodiesel Board for the Company's efforts to provide customers with guidance on how to use B20 successfully and for our work in supporting the assurance of biodiesel quality. ES Compleat Glycerin marks another innovative commitment to ensuring the sustainability of biodiesel by creating a practical, environmentally friendly outlet for the key byproduct of the industry's manufacturing process.

Source: Cummins Filtration Inc.

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