Introducing the Trackless MT Series 6


The Trackless MT Series VI Diesel is the 6th generation of municipal tractors designed and manufactured by Trackless Vehicles Limited.

Forty years ago, Trackless began development of a totally new concept in North America - an articulated, four wheel drive tractor with interchangeable front mounted attachments. The company's commitment has been to manufacture the most powerful, dependable and user-friendly tractor in its class, with a choice of attachments which allows 12 month utilization.

The Trackless Series MT6 features a 110 hp Tier 3 Cummins diesel engine, joystick control for attachment functions and an electronically-controlled hydrostatic system, which is linked to the engine RPM. The cab and rear chassis have been redesigned and include several technological, ergonomic and performance-related advancements over the previous Series MT5.

Source: Trackless Vehicles Limited

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