There Is More to Holland Than Tulips!


In Canada when we think of Holland we conjure up images of windmills, wooden shoes and tulips. For others there is the memory of the last war, when we fought long and hard to liberate this picturesque land. This last vision was highlighted to me recently when I read of local students visiting the Commonwealth War Grave site at Holten, Netherlands.

Apart from that sombre connection, this small village has a more current link to the 'Great White North'. Holten is home to the world's largest manufacturer of sand/salt spreaders. Given that Canada is known for cold and snow, this fact came as a surprise!

Founded in 1949, Nido Universal Machines, became a member of the German based Schmidt Group in 1983. Schmidt, which has since merged with AEBI of Switzerland, is one of Europe's largest suppliers of municipal equipment. Since its inception, Nido of Holten, has continually reinvested in innovation and technology to become the leading manufacturer of spreading equipment with over 2000 units being produced each year.

This innovation has seen the application of new materials technology, electronic controls and pre-wet and liquid spreading advancements. In 2004, Schmidt introduced Nido to the North American market with the new Stratos spreader range.

Innovation can bring success, which oft times has its' own price, in this case production capacity. The growth of export markets, environmental interest in precision salt application and the introduction of more product variance, soon taxed the original factory site beyond its realistic maximum. Like any leading production organization this was foreseen and in 2000, plans were initiated to design and build a new and more efficient production facility. In May 2008, it was ready to open its doors to the world.

With dignitaries, customers, suppliers and locals, this new 40 000 m2 complex was officially unveiled. Located on a new industrial estate at the edge of Holten, this plant includes a 2400 m2 service center and a parts distribution warehouse of over 3500 m2. Not only will this Parts Distribution Center (PDC) support Nido's global spreader population, it will also support Schmidt's Local Sales Organization (LSO) for the complete product range of sweepers and plows. With all of this activity it is obvious why the 220 strong workforce can swell to nearly 350 during seasonal peaks.

In addition to the marvelous hospitality and entertainment, including real snow! the 500 visitors also did their part for charity. The staff at Nido, in association with 'Doe Een Wens' (Children's Wish Foundation) used this event to raise money for this worthy cause. Nido itself matched this effort, and over $15 000 was donated.

A land of dykes and windmills, possibly.

A land of warm hearted and welcoming people, certainly.

A land of innovation and industry, absolutely!

Congratulations NIDO on what promises to be a new and prosperous chapter in your history.


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