Snow Dragon® "Snow Melting In July" Demo


Snow Dragon® Snowmelters and its Quebec Distributor, Equipements Twin, hosted a two-day snowmelting demonstration at a snow dump site in the Montreal borough of Anjou. In attendance were over 85 government maintenance managers and private contractors from across North America, as well as Snow Dragon® distributors from around the globe. Utilizing a patented, CSA approved heat exchange system, two Snow Dragon® Snowmelters, the SND900 contractor model, and the SND1800 (a large site and airport model), melted snow and ice that had been compacted for the past six months.

Although originally conceived as a regional demonstration of the most efficient snowmelting process in the world, word of this event spread through the snow industry and an open-invite was extended to all of North America, and then the world, as European distributors also showed interest and later attended. Canadian municipal, provincial and private snowfighters came from Quebec, Ontario and all of the Atlantic provinces. American attendees made the trek from as far away as New York, Ohio, and Minnesota. Most were amazed to see the amount of snow and ice that still remained at the dump site after Quebec's record breaking snowfall this past winter.

Equipements Twin president, Louis Beaulieu stated that "Snowmelting is not a new concept - however, the technology applied by Snow Dragon® eliminates previous environmental contamination concerns of older machines produced by others, while increasing productivity and overall cost savings, making this a new and viable alternative to trucking snow. Equipements Twin is honored to be the first to bring such technology to Quebec."

Snow Dragon® president, John Allin told the gathering "Melting technology has advanced considerably in the past few years so that the use of this method of eliminating snow can now show tremendous cost reductions while benefiting the environment by no longer having contaminated water discharged from the melting unit. This is a win-win situation for all concerned."

This regional demo that garnered international interest and grew into an international event successfully demonstrated and supported Snow Dragon®'s claim to the most efficient snow melting process in the world.

Source: Les Équipements Twin (1980) Ltée


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