Le système «LINK» de AUSA obtient une mention spéciale


AUSA has once again received recognition for its ability to innovate with the award of special mention for its “Link Vehicle” project presented in the “Complete Vehicle” category at the Seventh International Motor Show Awards in Barcelona, held jointly with the Sociedad de Técnicos de la Automoción (STA).

“LINK” is an innovative system designed by AUSA for its line of multiservice MULTITASK vehicles. It allows rapid attachments to be made between the base module and the various functional modules, such as sweepers, cutters, snow plows and flusher washers, as well as other tools that are indispensable for performing urban and municipal services.

AUSA has taken advantage of the recent Barcelona Motor Show to unveil, for the first time, the latest project to emerge from its R&D department. The LINK system is an interactive modular system that allows the tools on its multipurpose vehicles to be interchanged quickly, making it possible, for example, to transform a sweeper into a cutter, snow plow or flusher in only a few minutes. With this ground-breaking project, the Company’s innovative activity has once again been recognized, receiving special mention in the “Complete Vehicle” category at the Seventh International Motor Show Awards in Barcelona, held jointly with the Sociedad de Técnicos de la Automoción (STA).

The LINK system consists of an innovative mechanism for attaching modules that makes it possible to effect connections instantaneously between the base module and the different rear and front-end functional modules available. The modules and front-end boxes include a variety of sweeping brushes, vacuum sweepers, snow plows and front cutters; while for the rear section there are modules such as vapor cleaning equipment (NIVA), a hydraulic salt spreader and a Movex elevator basket for working at heights of up to 15 meters.

As Enric Pons, Director of R&D for AUSA, points out: “The LINK system developed by AUSA for its range of multiservice MULTITASK vehicles affords greater versatility, functionality and profitability and represents a significant economy of resources, both from an environmental point of view, as well as for savings in time and money. Furthermore, LINK is an open model that can be adapted to new functions, allowing additional new units to be fitted with the system as the specific needs of customers and the market are identified.

The LINK system makes it possible to interchange tools in only a matter of minutes, in a manner that is easy and safe for the operator, greatly reducing the degree of difficulty associated with handling the parts and machinery needed to change equipment. In fact, the operator will not need any tools at all for the majority of the operations, which can be performed without the assistance of a second person, due to the fact that the modules are designed to be left in the parking position, standing on their own legs and supports.

Municipal Equipment that is truly Multi-Purpose and Functional
AUSA vehicles equipped with “LINK” offer a wide range of applications, particularly in the municipalities sector and for all the urban services that these provide, such as street cleaning and maintenance, conservation of public green spaces and forest areas, fire fighting, work at heights, etc. Consequently, the LINK system is able to provide added value to the equipment in terms of efficiency, since it makes it possible to have a variety of interchangeable work tools. Some of the most common, as mentioned above, include, among others: a vacuum sweeper with a 3000 l capacity, a "winter kit" consisting of snow plow and salt spreader, “NIVA” cleaning equipment with a hot water heater for vapor cleaning, a garbage collector compactor, front cutters, towing equipment and a crane to be used as an elevator basket, as well as a trilateral loading box.

“Thanks to the LINK system, a town can have all the necessary modules to attend to municipal tasks with only one supporting chassis. This helps to optimize costs for many seasonal tasks and temporary jobs, such as snow plow equipment and other types of tools. In other words, with a smaller investment and a reduced consumption of natural resources it is possible to cover all needs with respect to street cleaning, maintenance, pruning, snow plows and other equipment and to have truly multi-purpose, functional and multitask equipment at its disposal” says Pons.

The AUSA MULTITASK range is renowned for its modularity, sturdiness and versatility. The LINK system can be fitted to the AUSA M 250 M, M250 H and M 300 H models. This means that the base module for the units is a chassis with a load capacity from 2500 to 3000 kg. These are robust and compact vehicles, equipped with mechanical or hydrostatic transmissions, “COMPEN" style central differential (registered AUSA trademark) and two or four-wheel drive. The engines have power outputs ranging from 35 to 107 hp, and they are all environmentally friendly, using the latest technologies to reduce emissions, meeting Euro V standards, specifically for the 107 hp.

The vehicle cabins are also renowned for their comfort, convenience and ergonomics, featuring doors with panoramic visibility, seats with pneumatic suspension, heated exterior rearview mirrors, electronic rpm acceleration, rotating beacon, etc. and are fitted with numerous safety features, including front-wheel ventilated disc brakes with an independent circuit with brake servo and ABS, three-point safety belt, sturdy integrated bumpers, headrests and an audible reverse warning system, among others.

With the new LINK system, AUSA has taken a step forward in satisfying the most demanding needs of municipalities and service companies, by once again providing its customers with a high value-added solution.

Source: AUSA


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