Ragged Ass Road Cracks!


Yellowknife! What image conjures up in your mind – Tundra, Gold, Ice Road Truckers, Diamonds?

What should come to mind is a cosmopolitan, burgeoning frontier city that faces all the same issues that a Lethbridge, Peterborough, Drummondville, or Fredericton does.

Limited construction season, fluctuating temperatures, high traffic and general wear and tear in infrastructure. Throw in a costly and complex logistical supply chain, and you have a high-pressure environment where quality and professionalism are in daily demand.

It is little wonder that the City chose Cimline to help them deal with pavement maintenance, primarily cracksealing. The 230 DHRC Magma was put to work earlier this year in the cool, clear northern spring air. Freeze/Thaw, sub-grade instability and heavy truck loading all serve to accelerate pavement deterioration and cracking here. Now, with the addition of their new Cimline melter/applicator Yellowknife can begin to get ahead of the issue before further damage can occur.

The Cimline Magma is the benchmark melter/applicator for water-proofers and road maintenance contractors from East to West, and now North of 60! With average temperatures decidedly on the cool side, the Guaranteed One Hour Start-Up is put to the test. The proven angled burner design with ceramic firebox liner serves to enhance performance and improve service life. Fully digital temperature controls, full time recirculation and the proven lightweight electrically heated hose ensure high production and reliability all season, long or short!

Once again the considered and innovative design of the Cimline Magma allow it to perform where and when competitors models just cannot. From the heat of Brazil to Canada’s subarctic, Cimline continues to lead the way in pavement maintenance technology.


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