Kinedine Canada Launches Grip Link Tire Chains


This September Kinedyne Canada, a trusted name in cargo control products; will launch the newest addition to their product line – Grip Link Tire Chains for trucks. Grip Link is modernizing the tire chain market, packaging the merchandise in a practical pail and delivering the product within a few days of ordering.

More than just product excellence, Kinedyne is offering customers what is nothing short of revolutionary in this market category – just in time delivery.  Rather than ordering tire chains months in advance with guesswork to determine future needs and weather, customers will be able to order product literally just days before they need it.  Re-ordering during the season is just as convenient.  What this implies for their customers is dramatic – major savings in warehouse space, and money doesn’t have to be tied up in inventory that won’t be used for months.  All this, while having product available as it’s needed; when it’s needed.

Grip Link’s benefits carry all the way through to even its packaging.  Doing away with the inconvenience of the current method of burlap bags, Grip Link is sold in a unique Easy Carry • Easy Store plastic pail, making it simple to use and to store between uses.

Grip Link Tire Chains give users the bite they need on snow, ice and mud with outstanding traction, and exceptional protection against wear.

Source: Kinedyne Canada Ltd


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