Rotogrip CS – Fit for Safety


If you like nothing more than fitting snow chains in appalling weather, read no further.

If, however, your preference is to stay in your warm cab, read on.

For many years, RUD, the well known supplier of traction and snow chains, has been supplying the Rotogrip – a name synonymous with road safety. Rotagrip can be summoned to action at a moment’s notice and deployed, in-motion, from the comfort of the driver's seat.

When a sudden snowfall or sub-zero temperatures makes driving conditions dangerous, the truck or bus driver simply presses a button mounted on the cab’s console. An electro-pneumatic piston lowers the Rotogrip’s supporting arm and a flail-like, radial array of rotating 30 cm lengths of 5 mm flat-link chain is drawn below the vehicle’s drive wheels providing instant traction and safety. When conditions improve the Rotogrip is withdrawn by another press of the button.

There are three models in the Rotogrip range: the well known and orginal Rotogrip 1 is usually fitted to heavy trucks, coaches, snowplows and fire engines; the electrically-operated Rotogrip 3 suits smaller vehicles that do not have compressed-air systems such as; vans and light trucks; keeping in step with automotive developments, RUD has now introduced the Rotogrip CS.

The new Rotogrip CS (Compact Solution) is designed to fit modern trucks and buses where rear axle space is restricted by low profile tyres and pneumatic suspension assemblies.

Unique to RUD, the forged steel cylinder, which lowers and raises the supporting arm, has a pre-tensioned spring which absorbs the stresses on the spinners and the chain. This feature protects the Rotogrip, provides smooth running and minimizes tire wear.

Identical on all Rotogrips, the patented spinner has a tough, rubberised surface which is pressed against the vehicle’s wheel. The motion of the wheel draws the chains under the front providing a constant moving “mat”.

Fitting and maintenance of the Rotogrip CS requires little effort. Fitting kits are available to suit most makes of commercial vehicle, all three Rotogrip models are easily and quickly installed. Important to the daily operation of commercial vehicle, replacement of wear parts is minimal.

Source: RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co KG

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