SnowEx Introduces the V-Maxx 9300 Spreader


SnowEx, a product division of TrynEx International, offers the new 2,3 m3 capacity V-Maxx 9300 V-box-style spreader. Compatible with light-duty dump-bed and flatbed trucks, the V-Maxx 9300 is ideal for winter maintenance contractors looking for more capacity than the V-Maxx 8500 model without the vehicle requirements of the larger V-Maxx 9500 unit – maximizing a fleet’s capabilities and productivity.

The V-Maxx 9300 features the patented SnowEx Material Feed System – a multi-angle hopper with a built-in, inverted “V” baffle configuration. Also included is an attached vibrator to reduce clumping and allow continuous material flow, regardless of what is being spread. The unit is able to spread 100% sand, 100% salt or any combination in between. And because it is designed for use with larger vehicles, the spinner assembly features an extended drop chute to ensure material is spread closer to the ground and with better accuracy.

Featuring a hopper constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene, the V-Maxx 9300 eliminates common corrosion and maintenance concerns associated with steel V-box alternatives. The unit also weighs up to 40% less than similar capacity steel-built alternatives.
Maintenance concerns are further reduced thanks to the V-Maxx 9300’s fully electric-powered design. To further enhance durability and ease of maintenance, the electric drive system is completely weather-resistant sealed and includes two grease Zirk fittings.

The innovative cab-mounted spinner/auger control is designed to minimize material waste by allowing independent spinner speed and auger speed adjustment. Spread width is infinitely variable from 3 to 12 m. A digital LED display with status monitoring and system protection is standard, as well as an auto-reverse function in the event of auger jams.

Like all SnowEx V-box-style spreaders, the V-Maxx 9300 is built with a Quick-Connect spinner assembly. Compared with competitive models that require the spreader assembly to be unbolted or for the entire spreader to be removed from the truck’s bed before being able to tow, the Quick-Connect system allows the drop chute spinner assembly to be detached in seconds by removing one pin.

Source: TrynEx International

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