New, Premium, Pet-Friendly Ice Melter


North American Salt Company (NASC), a subsidiary of Compass Mineral, recently announced the addition of a new, premium, pet-friendly product to its Safe Step® family of ice melters.

Sure Paws™, an all-natural, fast-acting ice melter, does not irritate pets’ paws but melts ice down to –26°C.

“Pets are an important part of families, so this extremely efficient product will keep residential driveways and walkways safe but is easy on pets’ paws and skin,” said Jerry Bucan, vice president and general manager of NASC’s consumer and industrial business.

The ice melter was specifically created to offer consumers a pet-friendly option, developed with a patent-pending formula containing 100% organic ingredients, and contains no salt or chemicals. When used as directed, Sure Paws is also gentle on concrete and vegetation. It is available in 3,6 kg jugs and 9 kg bags.

Based in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Compass Minerals is a leading producer of minerals, including salt, sulfate of potash specialty fertilizer and magnesium chloride. The company provides highway deicing salt to customers in North America and the United Kingdom and specialty fertilizer to growers worldwide. Compass Minerals also produces consumer deicing and water conditioning products, ingredients used in consumer and commercial foods, and other mineral-based products for consumer, agricultural and industrial applications. Compass Minerals also provides records management services to businesses throughout the United Kingdom.

Source: Compass Minerals

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