RUD-Erlau at Hillhead


A Hillhead stalwart, over the years, RUD-Erlau has chosen this event to update the industry on the latest industrial chain technology.

Since 2007, significant advances have included the Terraplus, a superior traction chain that is winning large orders and aiding productivity in mines and quarries across the world.

Equipped with specially designed studs for extra bite, this lightweight, energy-saving chain keeps haul trucks moving across frozen ground in the Andes and the soft, clayey conditions typically found in coal mines.

RUD-Erlau is proud to have retained its crown by delivering two full sets of the R75S Plus, the world’s largest tire protection chain. One set has been fitted to a CAT 994 working a large European limestone quarry and the other set is essential to a LeTourneau 1850 loading iron ore in the United States.

With 65% of the market, RUD tire protection and traction chains are also found on underground duty, in demolition and scrap handling operations and, the most challenging of all environments, steel making where they protect pot-handlers tires and loaders reprocessing fiery slag.

Tire protection chains have evolved from a niche accessory to an, almost universal, necessity, driving down tire costs and increasing productivity and profitability.

Source: RUD Chains Ltd

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