Continental’s HDW2 SCANDINAVIA Snow Tire


Optimum grip and great traction on winter roads are just two advantages of Continental’s new HDW2® SCANDINAVIA truck tire. Snow, ice, dry and wet conditions – the severe winter of 2009 has shown that the quality of truck tires plays an important role in the safety of fleet operations. For drivers in Canada who routinely experience some of the most extreme winter driving conditions on our planet, the new Continental HDW2® SCANDINAVIA was being unveiled for a “sneak peek” at Truck World, last April.

Designed with 20-ply construction to handle heavy loads, the newly designed HDW2 SCANDINAVIA is a heavy long-haul tire for the drive axle. This tire position is particularly challenging in winter operations, as it has to simultaneously offer steady drive power transmission, directional control in corners and transfer of the complete effort from the brakes or truck retarder. The HDW2 SCANDINAVIA meets these demands with top marks.

Every aspect of the tire’s tread has been specially engineered to provide greater traction and optimum grip, even on a compacted layer of snow and extreme conditions. Special tread geometry with numerous, three-dimensional lateral sipes on the single-direction pattern provide more gripping edges on the road surface than a traditional drive tire. These sipes also support the tread blocks against forces from the drive train, retarder and wheel brake system to achieve the best possible traction and braking force transfer. The HDW2 SCANDINAVIA’s particularly dense tread geometry and a new tread compound with micro-meshing effect also help to provide optimum handling. The handling of the HDW2 SCANDINAVIA has proven itself in Continental tests, where it achieved up to 10% more grip on snow-covered roads than the previous generation HDW winter tire.

The HDW2 SCANDINAVIA’s tread is not only ideal for winter, but a two-phase pattern developed by Continental allows the tread to wear down to a positive proportion for summer. The tread is optimized for low rolling resistance for better fuel economy.

The new Continental HDW2 SCANDINAVIA reaches the market this fall in size 315/80R22.5.

Source: Continental Tire the Americas, LLC

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