Atlas Copco Launches the MB Essential Breaker Range

Atlas Copco Construction Tools introduces a new product variant of medium hydraulic breakers (MB range). With the new MB Essential range, Atlas Copco meets segmented market demands. The new range is focussed on the essential: high performance, low weight, and essential features for your efficient work.

The idea is simple: Breaker features are reduced to the essential to manage their daily targets. The new range comes without ContiLube II ® and the noise protection kit. What`s not reduced is the high impact power and the very good power-to-weight ratio. Due to the design and configuration, MB Essential breakers are powerful tools that do nothing else but their job. Regular service and maintenance can be easily done on site.

Less weight, more power
The power to weight ratio and the efficiency of Atlas Copco´s latest generation of medium hydraulic breakers have been significantly increased, compared to their predecessors. Due to lower weight and higher efficiency, less hydraulic input power is required from the carrier while maintaining maximum impact performance. This allows smaller carriers to be used which results in lower investment cost for the carrier.

Atlas Copco Essential breakers are designed to get tough and hard jobs done. A genuine tool designed for millions of blows under harsh conditions in the quarrying, demolition, renovation and construction industry.

Source: Atlas Copco


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